COVID-19 Statement, March 2020


March 2020

The Executive Committee met to discuss 2020 Hawick Common Riding in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak. It was felt inappropriate in the present circumstances to call a Full Committee Meeting due to the large number of people involved.

The Covid-19 outbreak is now a public health issue and on Tuesday afternoon we were informed by the Head of the Safety Advisory Group at Scottish Borders Council, that all SAG meetings have been cancelled and that Police Scotland are withdrawing all support for events for the foreseeable future.

Hawick Common Riding Committee SCIO first and foremost must ensure the safety of all those participating in it’s events. Historically the Common Riding was based on the need to protect the townspeople and because of this the Executive Committee, with the unanimous backing of the Full Committee, have taken the difficult, but it hopes you agree the responsible decision, to recommend that Hawick Common Riding 2020 does not go ahead this year, in the interest of the whole community.

To this end it was felt unfair to elect a Cornet and Acting Father this year, when events would be severely curtailed. We remain fully committed to marking the Common in some way at an appropriate time, when circumstances permit. We hope that this decision will have the backing of the townsfolk.

Lesley Fraser, Secretary, Hawick Common Riding Committee SCIO

❝I consider the decision made by the Hawick Common Riding Committee SCIO was a correct one in cancelling this year’s Common Riding. Our customs and traditions are dear to us all however the health and wellbeing of the townsfolk of Hawick had to be our priority.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank publicly the hard work of the Committee over the last few months. This work will not be lost and will stand us in good stead for future Common Ridings.

The town’s boundaries will be marked in some form during the year, when this is permissible.

I am sure the public will support our decision, made in everyone’s best interests.❞

Chairman Ex-Cornet John Hogg