Important notice to all those taking part in Hawick Common Riding

Whilst every care has been taken by the organising committee and relevant landowners in facilitating these events, the committee and landowners will not be responsible for any injury to any person taking part in any way whatsoever in the event nor liable for any damage resulting from any acts or omissions of any participants or spectators.

It is the responsibility of those taking part, or their legal guardians in the case of minors, to ensure that participants have appropriate and adequate insurance cover for personal injury and third-party liability cover and that they take all reasonable steps to ensure their own safe participation in the events. In particular in relation to equestrian events, they are advised to ensure both they and their mount are both suitable and competent and that riders wear appropriate protective clothing, including headgear.

Whilst the organising committee will do all they can to ensure the safety of all attending, we must point out that individuals have a duty of care to themselves and others.

The organising committee are required by law to take appropriate action with regards to incidents of discrimination, harassment or victimisation towards those who participate or spectate in Common Riding organised events.

Where the organising committee, or persons acting on their behalf, are informed or become aware of such behaviour, the details will be notified to the police and the alleged perpetrators may be subjected to police investigation and prosecution.

The organising committee wish all who participate in any way in this annual historic event to do so in a safe and secure way and we emphasise that there will be zero tolerance of those who wilfully break the law.

Every Participant or spectator takes part on the understanding that they accept all the terms and conditions as published in this publication

Please note that the organising committee reserve the right to refuse any person from participating in events.