Common Riding 2021 Virtual Highlights – streaming Saturday 12 June, 4.00pm

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Common Riding Memories – Flapping


Common Riding Memories – Jason Hart

Common Riding Friday – streaming Friday 11 June, 7.00pm

Riding of The Marches – Friday 11th June 2021

Overseas Night – streaming Thursday 10 June, 7.00pm

Overseas Night Virtual Concert

Streamed 9 June, 7.00pm

Common Riding Memories – Sally Niven

Chief Guest Greetings – Episode 5

Common Riding Memories – The Lasses

Kirking sermon 2021 – Rev. Lisa Jane Rankin

Common Riding Memories | Halberdiers

1514 Club Dinner

Streamed 4 June, 7.00pm

Thursday Night Chase Virtual Concert

Streamed 3 June, 7.00pm

Chief Guest Greetings – Episode 4

The 1514 Club – 50 Years Young

Common Riding Memories – Rob Welsh & Sir Chay Blyth

Common Riding Memories – Henry Douglas & Michael Aitken

Ancient Order of Mosstroopers Virtual Concert

Streamed 26 May, 7.00pm

A Cornet’s Tale – 1986

Streamed Wednesday 26 May, 7.00pm

Chief Guest Greetings – Episode 3

40 Year Principals

50 Year Principals – Joyce Wilson and Bruce Mactaggart

Bright Eyed Daughters Virtual Concert

Streamed Friday 21 May, 7.00pm

25 Year Principals – Julie Hodgins and Sandra Blake

25 Year Principals – Alan Wear and Graeme Paxton

1514 Club Virtual Concert

Streamed Wednesday 19 May, 7.00pm

Chief Guest Greetings – Episode 2

Common Riding Memories – Julie Forrest

Hawick Callants Club Virtual Concert

Streamed Friday 14 May, 7.00pm

Common Riding Memories – Drums & Fifes

Burnfoot Community Council Virtual Concert

Streamed Wednesday 12 May, 7.00pm

Chief Guest Greetings – Episode 1

Common Riding Memories – June Arnot

Streamed Monday 10 May, 7.00pm

Hawick Saxhorn Band – Lockdown 2021

The Anvil Crew Virtual Concert

Streamed Friday 7 May, 7.30pm

The Gallant Few

Streamed Friday 7 May, 7.00pm

Ex Cornet’s Lasses & Ex Acting Mothers Association Virtual Concert

Streamed Wednesday 5 May, 7.30pm

The election of our Cornet

Streamed Wednesday 5 May, 7.15pm


Provost Welcome

Streamed Wednesday 5 May, 7.00pm


Virtual Hawick Common Riding 2021: Let this year be the best o’ a’