Art Competition 2020

❝Congratulations to all the 81 participants of the Hawick Common Riding Art Competition 2020. It is very obvious that you all took a great deal of time and effort with your entries. We were amazed at how many talented artists there are out there in the community!

The sponsors of the competition, Hawick Common Riding Committee, The 1514 Club, Hawick Callants Club, The Ancient Order of Mosstroopers, and Bright Eyed Daughters, chose representatives from their club and each club judged a different category.

Only ages and titles were shown, names were removed from the image. The judges spent a long time choosing their winners but I am sure you will agree with their decisions. I very much hope that you will all continue to use your artistic skills, and thank you so much for your efforts.❞

Stay safe,
Safe in Safe in!
Best wishes Judith Murray

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