Message from Chairman

On behalf of the Hawick Common Riding Committee, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to everyone at home as well as our Exiled Teries and friends, to this our Virtual Common Riding for 2021.

You will see from our extended programme this year, we have invited all our Common Riding Clubs to participate in showcasing their events, as well as having greetings from former Chief Guests, interviews with our existing principals, our 25-, 40-, and 50-year principals, some sporting greats and worthies and renditions from our own Saxhorn and Drums & Fifes bands.  A truly great Programme capturing our traditional and some new songs and verse, and pictures and stories from the past, all to kindle up our Common Riding spirits again and not to be missed.

Hawick Common Riding Committee SCIO Chairman Ex-Cornet John Hogg

Our congratulations go to Ex-Cornet Alan Wear, his Lass Julie Hodgins and their Acting Father and Mother, Graeme Paxton and Sandra Blake.  Our 40-year principals, Ex-Cornet David Blacklock, and his Lass and wife Morag and their Acting Father & Mother Tom and Maureen Hartop.  And finally, congratulations also to our 50 year’s Cornet’s Lass Joyce Wilson and her Acting Father Ex-Cornet Bruce McTaggart.   We hope this year brings back many fond memories of your years in office and we look forward to hearing your stories.

A massive amount of work has been necessary to bring these events into your homes and our grateful thanks are extended to each and every one of those who have contributed.

Last year my concluding remarks were that it was 47 weeks to the first ride-out but unfortunately, here we are again virtually.  Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy our extended programme of events for 2021, and I am confident we will meet on the western heather in 2022.

Now sit back and enjoy!


Ex-Cornet John Hogg
Chairman, Hawick Common Riding Committee SCIO