Patrons of Hawick Common Riding

The Patron’s Scheme

Thank you first of all to those who have become Patrons of our Common Riding over the last 12 months. These contributions help offset some of the c.£100,000 per annum that it costs to run the Common Riding.

Last year was a trial to see if it worked, and following on from the successful inaugural year we are now in a position to offer something in return to those who chose to become a patron of Hawick Common Riding. This year, patrons will receive a new patrons badge and there are also plans for a patron’s dinner in October 2024, similar to the one held in 2014, details below. It is not too late to become a patron, and if you are interested you can email requesting a form for completion. Minimum financial contributions are set at £10 per year.


Current Patron’s of Hawick Common Riding

Hawick Common Riding Committee greatly appreciate the support of the following people in the lead up to Hawick Common Riding 2024:

Cornet Euan Robson and Cornet’s Lass Abigail Tofts
Acting Father & Mother, Doug & Sharon Waldie

Euan Welsh
Lesley Fraser
Rory Bannerman
Ian Huggan
Braden George
Marinos Calothis
Angela Farish
Robert William Farish
Stuart Marshall
Harry & Sheena Graham
Anne & Russell Molloy
Ex Acting Father Graeme Paxton
Jane Paxton
John & Caroline Wilkinson
Rob & Joyce Welsh
Kev Sykes
Angela Holmes
Tom Holmes
William Alexander Douglas
Ex Cornet Greig Middlemass
Ex Cornet’s Lass Emma Gibson
Mick Robertson
John Kernaghan
Ex Cornet David Blacklock
Ex Cornet’s Lass Morag Blacklock
Ex Acting Father & Mother, Tom & Netta Hogg
Len Wyse
Thomas Blacklock
Jackie Blacklock
Ex Cornet Bruce Campbell
Ex Cornet’s Lass Carol Campbell
Amanda Nichol
Frank & Janette Scott
Karen Knox
Cameron Knox
Ex Cornet & Lass, Ian & Lesley Nichol
Nichola Sutherland
Caron Blacklock
Gordon & Marion Short
Dr George Thorburn
Lindsay Nichol
Scott Lambie
Derek & Susan Renwick
Keith Grieve
Linda Hook
Sarah Winwood
Malcolm & Debbie Purvis
Dan and Ashley Wolf
Ex Acting Father & Mother, Derek & Clare Oliver
Rob Halliday & Doreen McEwan
Ex Acting Father & Mother, Alan & Tracey Brown
Ex Cornet & Lass, John & Margaret Hogg
Ex Cornet Gareth Renwick & Gillian Renwick
Jim Reilly
Ex Acting Father Norman Turnbull
Ex Cornet Jamie Turnbull
Ex Cornet Philip Murray
Ex Cornet’s Lass Ruth Murray
Jane Pow
Gillian Pow
Lorna Reid
The Cavers Family
Honorary Provost Watson McAteer
Garry & Julie Robson
Gary & Beverley Middlemass
John Elliot
Angus & Lynn Brunton
Jane Fletcher
J. Brian Tait
A & C Brydon
Ian Martin
Ex Cornet’s Lass Sheila Snowie
Sarah Moffat
Scott Moffat
Anne Kernaghan
Gwenyth Pike
Kenny &  Lorna Douglas
Fairest Spot O’ A’
Ex Cornet Richard Walker
Mrs Helen Walker
Keith Smyth
Helen Ramsay
Alis Nichol
Ex Acting Father & Mother, Gordon & Evelyn Jackson
Ex Cornet Chris Ritson
Ex Acting Father & Mother, Grahame & Wendy Nichol
Ex Cornet & Lass, Jamie & Laura Richardson
Keith & Claire Douglas-Hogg
Michael Aitken
D A Rae
Ex Cornet & Lass, Haig & Ann Hinton
Ex Acting Father & Mother, Colin & Janette Thorburn
Steven Drummond
Western End
Ex Cornet George Peden