2018 Common Riding


Cornet Gareth James Renwick (22), eldest son of Derek & Susan Renwick. Gareth attended Drumlanrig Primary School and Hawick High School and now works as a knitting machine mechanic at Barrie Knitwear.

As well as horse riding, first following Cornet Jamie Turnbull in 2005, Gareth’s interests include golf and darts.

Being elected Cornet for 2018 is a dream come true.


Cornet’s Lass

Cornet’s Lass is Jennifer Margaret Nichol (22), daughter of Ex-Cornet & Ex-Cornet’s Lass Ian & Lesley Nichol. Jennifer attended Trinity Primary School and Hawick High School and now works as a Nursery Practitioner at Cherry Trees Nursery in Hawick.

Shopping & socialising are among her favourite things to do.

Jennifer describes being asked to be Cornet’s Lass for 2018 as an honourable opportunity and will carry out her duties with great enthusiasm.


Acting Father and Mother

The Cornet’s Acting Father and Acting Mother for 2018 are John R. Lyle and his wife Lynn I. Lyle.They have been married for 31 years and have one daughter, Jordan.

John runs his own gardening business and Lynn is a care worker at Deanfield Care Home. John first followed Cornet Charlie McCrerie in 1975 and, like Gareth, is a keen golfer and darts player.

John & Lynn say it’s and honour and a privilege to be Acting Father & Mother and look forward to carrying out their duties and representing Hawick this summer.

Right Hand Man & Lass Alistair M George & Katy Moffat.
Left Hand Man & Lass Euan Reilly & Lisa McLean.

25 Year Principals
Ex Cornet Rory O. Culton, Ex-Cornet’s Lass Elizabeth Culton, Ex-Acting Father & Mother Murray & Ebie Richardson.

50 Year Principals
Ex Cornet J. Elliot Hutton, Ex-Cornet’s Lass Sheila Richardson, Ex-Acting Father John Robertson

70 Year Principals
Ex Cornet C.N. Whillans & Ex- Cornet’s Lass Sheila Snowie.