Code of Conduct

Marshals Will Be In Charge
Marshals will ride in pairs – two front, two back and four positioned through the ride – all will follow directions of the senior marshal (Right Hand Man). Foot marshals will be suitably positioned (as required) at gates and crossings and again all due respect should be given to their requirements. Marshals, both foot and riding, will be issued with radios.

First aid trained marshals will be present at all rides and they should be alerted to any associated medical incidents.

Discipline at Gates
A high degree of discipline and courtesy should be shown by all riders at gates and crossings. It may be possible and in some cases preferred, to pass through a gate or crossing and muster on the other side. Unless otherwise advised, it should be assumed that all gates should be shut and properly latched or tied as the case may be. (Marshals will advise).

The routes are pre-arranged between the Principals, farmers and police. Therefore all riders are requested to adhere to the agreed route back to Towerdykeside. If for any reason a rider has to leave the ride early a marshal must be notified.

Basic Manners and Courtesy
Respect should be shown to all fellow riders, members of the public and farmers who support and allow us to cross their land year after year.

Dress Code for Riding
Hawick Common Riding Committee would like to remind all equestrian supporters of the dress code, when following the Cornet.
To maintain our high standards and show due respect to the Principals and the occasion, only smart, suitable riding wear will be accepted, (stocks or ties no sports tops or t-shirts). This also applies to anyone joining the ride at any point.

It should be noted that protective headgear must be worn with appropriate dark, self coloured silks. (No multi coloured silks)Head cams are not permitted to be worn on ceremonial rides. Anyone not adhering to the dress code will asked to remove the offending item or asked to leave the ride.

All litter including food
should be taken home or deposited in bins or bags that may be provided. No food should be left where animals might pick it up and eat it.

All riders should be aware that it is essential that we maintain our present high standard of time keeping for the police who control and manage the time we spend on public roads and, not least, the public who enthusiastically await their Cornet’s arrival. (Again marshals will control).

Emergency Procedure
In the event of any problem arising, be it damage to gates or fences, breakage of essential tack or injury to horse or rider, immediate contact should be made with either a riding or foot marshal so the necessary action may be taken (i.e. first aid, veterinary help or help with spare tack). It is the owners responsibility for all costs incurred.

To meet the requirements of farmers, it is essential that walkers follow the exact same route as riders (in some instances farmers move stock to let us through). Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

In an effort to retain some element of respect (especially at Backdamgate mustering point) it should be noted that:-
– Riders must not mount the pavement for any reason at any time.
– Any rider using foul or abusive language or creating a public nuisance will be severely dealt with and will be asked to leave the ride.
– All riders should assist both riding and foot marshals to address any problems.
– Any rider who fails to keep up with the rear riding marshal may be requested to leave the ride.

Young Riders
It should be noted by all concerned that young, inexperienced riders should always be accompanied by a responsible, capable adult, who should make themselves known to the marshals in charge.

Lead Rein
In the interest of safety, riders shall not be permitted to participate in any part of a ride should they require assistance/guidance by lead rein.

After all rides, horses returning to the Common Haugh, Wilton, etc. should disperse via Slitrig Crescent, over bridge and down Howegate under police supervision.

Chase procedure for all Chases
In view of the large number of riders on Common-Riding Friday, the following protocol should be followed on arrival in Rosebank Road at Thorterdykes:

Acting Father’s Chase
– all married Ex-Cornets move forward behind the Acting Father
– all Ex-Acting Fathers line up behind married Ex-Cornets
– all married supporters line up behind Ex-Acting Fathers

Cornet’s Chase
-all unmarried Ex-Cornets move forward behind the Cornet
-all unmarried supporters line up behind the Ex- Cornets

At the end of the Chase, all Ex-Cornets and Ex-Acting Fathers continue up the road and muster beyond the crossroads. There will be no parking in this area. The remainder of the supporters should enter and wait in the wood as normal. The procession will line up behind the Big Four followed by Ex-Cornets, Ex-Acting Fathers and all other riders at the rear.

All riders must obey the Marshals instructions at all times.

Horse hirers to take responsibility for stopping riders remounting if unfit to do so, Riding Marshals and Police will back this up.

The best of order is expected for ALL speakers and singers.
Failure to comply with this request will result in you being spoken to by the committee, stewards or bars staff and you may be asked to leave.

Attendance at all licensed events is restricted to 18 and overs, Challenge 25 Rule will be enforced, proof of age must be shown.

Dress codes for all ceremonial functions must reflect the occasion.