The Common Riding community was saddened to learn of the deaths of the following people over the past year.

May Hay (Bowie) – Cornet’s Lass 1953

Eilleen Lunn (Johnston) – Cornet’s Lass 1957

Jackie Robertson – Acting Father 1968  & Honorary Life Member

Danny Cowan – Acting Father 1979

Ann Knight – Bailie

Jim Little – Committee Member

Bert Armstrong MBE – Former Official Song Singer

Myra Turnbull – Ex-Honorary Provost

Bert Wear – Acting Father 1986

Brian Patterson – Cornet 1962

Maureen Barker – Acting Mother 1985

Ella Crozier – Cornet’s Lass 1952

Elsie Leithead – 1963 Acting Mother

Bill Huggan

Helen Ford 

Anna Pringle – Acting Mother 1989

Anna Armstrong – Acting Mother 1987

They will be sadly missed by all of us who had the privilege of knowing them.

Our thoughts are with their families and friends.