2020 Common Riding

Message from Chairman, Ex-Cornet John Hogg

❝Can thae be the Kirk Bells ringin

Weel, aw cannae gaen the day

The Covid hes pit paid tae that

So oo’d better bide away

This year folks we’ve experienced a very different Common-Riding but nevertheless I think we have made the very most of it.  Whatever way you may have celebrated, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and you’ve made good memories out of a challenging situation…❞

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Usually tonight at 7pm, on the first Wednesday after the first Tuesday in May, the Halberdier would be leaving the Town Hall accompanied by the Drum and Fife Band, with a letter for the Cornet Elect. This year the band are in their own homes and have put together this special video.

A preview of our three upcoming Virtual Concerts specially produced for 2020.

A message from Rev. Alistair Cook, on what would have been Kirking Sunday.

Friday night would have seen the 1514 Club Dinner. We have some photos for you from 1976-2019. Enjoy!

A photo montage of some of the Cornet’s Lasses from the past 100 years. Sit back and enjoy a selection of photographs from years gone by.

Hawick Saxhorn Band getting involved with our Virtual Common Riding with this excellent performance from their own homes.

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