Marking of our Boundaries Statement, 19 September 2020

At 6am this morning, 19th September 2020, Cornet Connor Brunton accompanied by Acting Senior Magistrate Alistair Crawford, set out on foot to mark the boundaries of the Commonty of Hawick. The Spade was dipped at the Cobble Cauld before walking the Common from Williestruther to the southernmost boundary. There our ancient ceremony of the Cutting of the Sod was carried out by Cornet Brunton and the following Oration read by the Acting Senior Magistrate, witnessed by Office-Bearers. This concludes the Marking of our Boundaries for the year 2020.

The riding of the boundary and Cutting of the Sod is the Cornet’s most important duty each Common Riding. This ancient ceremony has been carried out for hundreds of years and although we do not carry weapons to fight off marauders or quirky lairds, we still mark our boundaries as a symbol of respect to our predecessors.

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In these unprecedented times of the COVID pandemic, and no Common Riding 2020 being held, this ancient ceremony nevertheless prevails.

This morning the Cornet and I, as Acting Senior Magistrate, have walked round our ancient meiths and marches, and witnessed by Hawick Common Riding Committee Office-Bearers, our Cornet has duly marked the extremities by the Cutting of the Sod. The ceremony I am sure has been carried out to the satisfaction of all.

May I wish you all Safe In”

The Cornet and Acting Senior Magistrate then walked to St Leonards Racecourse.

This concludes the Marking of our Boundaries for the year 2020.