Colour Bussing

Residents wishing Colour Bussing tickets should make written application by standard POSTCARD or C6 ENVELOPE ONLY (approximately 11cm x 16cm) to their representatives on or before Saturday XX May.  Only one application per household may be made giving full name and address of applicant and price of ticket required, either £16 downstairs or £14 gallery (two seats are allocated).  Past successful applicants must have a three year lapse.


Mr David Richardson, 14 Chay Blyth Place, Hawick TD9 8HX
Mr William Fletcher, 17a Chay Blyth Place, Hawick TD9 8HX

Ex-Cornet Ian Nichol, 13 Bailleul Grove, Hawick TD9 9PP
Ex-Cornet Ross Gibson, 6 Heronhill Bank, Hawick TD9 6RY

Mr Frank Scott, 1 Frank Place, Hawick TD9 9EB
Mr Brunett Smith, 15 Heronhill Bank, Hawick TD9

Mr Jim Little, 5 Langlands Road, Hawick TD9  7EF
Mr Robert Halliday, 14 Longcroft Crescent, Hawick TD9 ODS

Mr David Oliver, 4 Overhall Road,Wilton Dean, Hawick TD9 7JB
Mrs Gillian Morgan, 1 Lindisfarne, Stirches Road, Hawick TD9 7HF

Mr Michael Robertson, 12 Gladstone Street, Hawick TD9 OHX
Ex-Cornet Ian Whillans, Crumelknowes, Hawick TD9 0NL

All interested are invited to attend the ballot for tickets in the Town Hall on Wednesday XX May at 7.00 p.m.  Tickets will then be on sale at the front offices of the Town Hall on Saturday XX May from 10.30 to 11.30 a.m.